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5,134 hectares of land surface make up the archipelago of La Maddalena

The largest island is the island of La Maddalena, approx. 20km square

It has a local population of approx. 11 thousand in habitants. To the east of La Maddalena is the largest island, Caprera, which is joined by a road bridge, noted as the burial place of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the unifier of Italy. Towards the south the island of Santo Stefano is clearly visible from the town centre. The island of Spargi which lies to the west is accessible by sea. The islands of Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria lie to the north. The smaller islands of Bisce, Nibani, Mortorio, Camere and Soffi nestle in the sea of the Emerald Coast south east along the Sardinian coast line. The archipelago boasts 180 kilometres of coastline. A wealth of inlets, beaches and cliffs. The natural landscape is further enhanced by much historical evidence such as the numerous fortifications, light houses and granite quarries. The historical centre of the town is worth a look, offering alleys and steps which wind around this granitic territory amongst buildings of considerable historical merit. The sea around the archipelago presents various marine species such as dolphins, turtles, fin whales and the huge but harmless basking shark.  Numerous sea birds nest, several reptiles and insects live in the archipelago but there are no dangerous species.


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